Didier Pironi: France’s lost King?

In Grand Prix racing, there are champions, and there are also-rans. As with any top-level sport, it is a brutal distinction that separates the great from the merely good. For a driver to lift the World Championship trophy, they have demonstrated levels of mental strength, race-craft and raw talent that beggar belief. That is indisputable. Unarguable. It isn’t possible to luck into a world title … Continue reading Didier Pironi: France’s lost King?

Thoughts from Geneva

The 2016 Geneva Motor Show proved to be a considerable milestone in the short-term future of the performance car. It was not particularly revolutionary– the Bugatti Chiron and Aston Martin DB11, immense though their potentials are, aren’t exactly shocks to the industry – but Geneva was nonetheless significant. You see, there was a considerable amount of pressure on quite a few manufacturers’ as they released their … Continue reading Thoughts from Geneva