Carboretta Road Trip 2016: Living the dream for less

What is the essence of a road trip? Beautiful locations, surely. A sense of derring-do. Camaraderie is also a must.

The car itself, as you may have noticed, does not feature particularly highly.

A Pagani Zonda or LaFerrari represent the dream, and I wouldn’t pretend otherwise. However, one of the greatest aspects of this type of journey is the ability to make the ordinary extraordinary.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving a crummy estate or hatchback; if the views make your hair stand on end and the company cause your sides to split, you are set. A cliché, but one that holds true.

Due to circumstance, I found myself demonstrating this point recently, on Carboretta’s 2016 Road Trip. To lend it some relevance, and some welcome relief to my credit card, I decided to begin the journey with a question.

Namely, is it possible to go road-tripping on a budget?

In the weeks leading up to the endeavour, my silly idea began to click with people.

I cannot begin to list the amount of people who admitted they were green with envy at my impending adventures. They waxed lyrical about how they wished it was them, but that they never got the chance.

If there is one encouraging lesson that I have been taught this past month, it’s that their pining enthusiasm, playful jealousy, (and concerned well-wishing from friends and family) is, whilst gratefully received, gloriously unnecessary.

Road tripping, if you put aside a grand, and a light pinch of self-respect, can be achieved for less. A package holiday this ain’t, but it’s all the more attainable for it.

We will of course dedicate a column for my tales of woo and woe, spanning six countries, three race tracks – and becoming Ibis Budget’s favourite customer in the process.

A journey involving bombastic Brits, serenading Germans, and American tourists with facial hair of the most incredulous kind. Blistering down the Mulsanne Straight, V-max’ing the Autobahn, and bouncing through the Rascasse. All from behind the windscreen of a 1.2L Grande Punto.

I do hope you enjoy it.

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